Trench Kit

An experimentation in working on the go, this is my expanded version of an assignment I gave my CGI 2 students at Drexel University this year.

In short, I asked my students to take a small blocked out model I provided (similar to my 'straight' trench) and make a Diorama using it as a guide for a WWI style trench. I loved the idea of the project and wanted to do it myself and turn it into an asset kit.

I created a set of Substance Materials, Deco Assets, and lightly sculpted trench models and created something akin to FBX Prefabs in Maya. I then brought them into Marmoset and assembled the scene. Post was done in Krita. The focus was to create more of a diorama than a full environment with sell able, small parts on Sketchfab.

Not everything went according to plan, and I learned a lot. Once LOD models are done, I will have my kit models and terrain materials available for sale. Substance Material spheres should be posted in the coming days.